Dead Space

Developer Motive Studio has made some major renovations to Dead Space’s house of horrors... ominous spaceship surroundings are made to feel substantially more spine-chilling thanks to realistically weathered steel surfaces and walls overrun with putridly pubescent levels of pus-filled pimples, and impressively moody lighting highlights the enhanced environmental detail while keeping plenty of corners cloaked in shadow – and us in the dark in terms of what might be lurking in them.

The labyrinthine mining rig was always one of the better examples of environmental storytelling in games, but is now elevated with far more detail than was possible 15 years ago.
- Empire

Dead Space is a shining example of how to do a remake – and do it well. The tiny changes to the core gameplay are all beneficial to the overall experience, while the aesthetic is absolutely stunning all round.
- The Review Geek


Motive Studio


  • 3D Props
  • 3D Environments