Ghostrunner 2

We had the absolute pleasure of collaboraing with One More Level in delivering pristine, high-quality assets for the highly anticipated action game sequel, Ghostrunner 2. Check out some of the in-game swords, sword concept art, and hand concept art that we designed for the title over on our ArtStation.

"Ghostrunner 2 is an electric sequel that supercharges everything that was great about the original and elevates it to a whole new level. The lightning fast, skill-heavy, one-hit kill combat is as exciting as ever, packed with even more tricks that give you plenty of new options to approach every scenario."

"Visually, Ghostrunner 2 is stunning, creating a cyberpunk world that combines Blade Runner with TRON to an incredible effect. Ranging from rain-slicked rooftops surrounded by neon signs to a run-down cathedral that combines Gothic architecture with pixelated light bridges to a digital world that just looks like feudal Japan if it were in TRON; the game constantly surrounds the player with an atmosphere that is as lived-in as it is brutal."
- CG Magazine


One More Level


  • 3D Weapons
  • 2D Concepts